A financial donation to the Osage City Public Library is a lasting way to benefit the community and honor a loved one. Whether it be in celebration of a milestone or a memorial tribute, your contribution will be appreciated for years to come.

Large or small, you may specify how you would like the donation to be used. A memorial plate can be placed inside the materials purchased. Every person using the book or material will be reminded of the loved one for whom the item was purchased and the generosity of the donor.

A thank you will be sent by the library to the donors and a letter will be sent to the individual or the family of the person for whom the memorial was given informing them of the memorial.

The Osage City Public Library appreciates all gifts and encourages readers, library users and their families to think of library donations as a way to honor their loved ones.

For further information, call Library Director, Jeanette Stromgren at 785-528-3727 or stop by 515 Main Street.